Hunter's Safety FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions​​
1.  I have completed the online class and now need an instructor to administer the field work portion of the class. Does your club or its instructors do this?
  • No. Our club's classes and instruction are geared toward teaching the entire class as this is the most efficient use of club resources and the instructor’s time.

2. How many classes are taught at your club per year?  When are they?
  • We hold 4 classes per year: 2 in the Spring and 2 in the Fall.  The dates for the classes are listed on the club calendar .

3. Where are the classes taught?
  • All classes are taught at the Four Square Sportsman Association Club House.

4. Are class sizes limited?
  •  The class size is limited to 60 students.

5. How long are classes and between what hours do they run?
  • The State of Michigan requires 16 hours of training minimum: 8 hours each day for two days. Class starts promptly at 8 AM each day. Please come early the first day as some forms need to be filled out prior to class starting.
6. How do I register a student for an upcoming class?
  • Send a $10.00 deposit per attendee in the form of a check made out to Jim Barnett to 12275 Jeddo Road Brockway, MI. 48097.  The name, address, phone number, and date of birth for each attendeemust be included with the deposit. Deposits may also be made in-person at the club office during normal open hours .
7. What is included in the $10.00 deposit?
  • Students will receive two hunting safety certificates, contingent upon satisfactory course completion: one for gun hunting and one for archery hunting. The book and pencils will be provided. Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to shoot a crossbow, 22-caliber rifle, and a shotgun. Lunch and snacks will be provided.
8. What constitutes satisfactory course completion?
  • Students must score 80% or higher of the final test to pass the class. 

9. What are the age requirements for a student attending class?
  • The State of Michigan has no age restrictions on Hunter's Safety Class attendees. However, we recommend attendees are at least 8 years of age, but will consider younger students. Any student under the age of 10 requires an older sibling (16 years of age, minimum) or parent / guardian in attendance.
10. Can you make accomodate students with learning and/or physical disabilities? 
  • Absolutely.  It is standard practice to read the test aloud to all those in attendance.  Tests can also be taken individually.  We are willing to make other accomodations, if necessary.
11. I am an adult with a gun safety certificate and am planning an out-of-state archery hunt. Is my gun safety certificate valid in other states for archery hunting?
  • Many states require a separate archery hunting safety certificate. There are about 13 states now requiring separate certifications, Colorado, Alaska and Idaho to name a few. Michigan is expected to soon adopt this requirement.  Please always check your local laws when engaging in hunting or shooting sports outside of your locality.
12. I have lost my hunter safety certificates. Will Four Square Sportsman Club instructors issue me new certificates?
  •  Our instructors do not issue replacement certificates; replacements may be acquired through the Department of Natural Resources office in Lansing, MI.
 13. Do students need to bring anything to class?
  •  Yes, we ask that they bring hearing and eye protection on the second day of class. In the event a student does not have these items, they will be provided by the instructors.
14. Will lunch be provided?
  • The club will provide all students with lunch and snacks each day of class. Lunch will consist of 2 hotdogs, chips, & pop or bottled water.