General Club Rules
  1. ​​Members with a key and alarm code may use the club's indoor and outdoor ranges with the exception of the shotgun sports on their own when the club is not open to the public.

  2. New members unfamiliar with the proper use of a range or device on club property should seek assistance from a member of the Board of Directors or the club office manager prior to using said range or device.

  3. All range S.O.P.  (Safe Operating Procedure) postings must be read and understood prior to using a range.

  4. Members must sign in on the outside whiteboard near the clubhouse entry door prior to shooting on or using any outside club range or property.

  5. A key or alarm code may not be lent out to anyone including minors of a member’s family.

  6. Club members shooting on a normally closed-to-the-public day must pay their range fee prior to shooting on any range.

  7. Members pay a one-day range fee. If you shoot more than one range in a day, you will only pay one fee per shooter. This does not apply to guest shooters or shotgun sports.

  8. Deliberately violating any basic shooting safety rules or written range rules may result in membership revocation.

  9. Range clean up and used target removal is everyone’s responsibility.

  10. No hunting or shooting of any game or nongame species on club property.

  11. Please be courteous and respectful of other members while shooting.