Five Stand Rules
  1.  Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

  2.  Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  3.  Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

  4.  A round of Five Stand consists of 25 targets

  5. All shooters and spectators must use hearing and eye protection while on the shooting course.

  6. There are five shooting stations. Only one shooter is allowed at each station.

  7. Actions must be open and guns must be unloaded until the shooters are in the designated shooting stations.

  8. No more than 2 shells may be loaded at one time and only while standing in the shooting station.

  9. Guns will be unloaded with the actions open while rotating stations.

  10. Targets will be scored as dead or loss, X or 0, respectively.

  11. A placard will describe the course of fire for each station. Targets must be shot in the order listed.

  12. Shooters may shoot 2 shots at a single target and if the target is broken on either shot, it is scored as dead.

  13. If the shooter misses the first target on a double, he may shoot the second shot at the same target. Shots will be scored accordingly.

  14. Once each shooter has fired the sequence in his or her station, the shooters will get an order from the score keeper to rotate positions; this will continue until all of the shooters have shot from each of the five stations.​