Frequently Asked Questions​​
1. When are the next available CPL classes?

2. Do I need to own a pistol before attending class?
  • No, you do not need to own a pistol before attending class. We rent pistols and will supply ammo for our rentals at store prices. It may be in your best interest to rent one before purchasing a pistol that is not suitable.

3. My friend has a pistol that s/he is willing to loan me for use in class. Is this allowed?
  • No. A pistol may not be loaned to another individual by federal law unless the person is in physical presence of the pistol being loaned. CPL holders may loan pistols to each other in their home state.

4. How do I register for a class?
  • Send a $50.00 check payable to Jim Barnett to 12275 Jeddo Rd. Brockway Mi. 48097. Please include your full name, contact information, date of birth, and class date.  See our calendar page for available class dates.
  • A book and video will be sent to the address supplied a couple weeks prior to your selected class date.

5. Are class sizes limited?
  • Yes, we keep our class sizes small in order to give each student the attention needed for proper instruction. We currently only allow a maximum of 12 students.

6. Will someone there be able to answer my legal questions about concealed carry and the use of deadly force?
  • Yes, our legal portion of our class is taught by a currently practicing attorney with 19 years experience.

7. I do not feel comfortable attending class with a group. Do you teach private classes?
  • Yes, private classes are available at a cost of $350.00 and may be scheduled as a single day or 2 half days. A private couples' class cost is $400.00

8. I reload my own ammo or have a friend that reloads for me. May I use this ammo in class?
  • No, reloaded ammo is not allowed in our CPL classes due to insurance reasons.

9. How much ammo will I need for class?
  • You will need 100 rounds of ammo for class. No magnum loads and no reloaded ammo allowed.

10. Will I be able to purchase ammo for my pistol from the class instructors?
  • No, the instructors will only sell ammo to those students renting a pistol from an instructor. Students need to bring their own ammo for their pistol.

11. What do I need to bring to class?
  • Students need to bring hearing and eye protection and a lunch for full day classes.
  • Electronic hearing protection works best for hearing range commands
  • If you wear prescription glasses they will work on the range without any additional glasses.

12. I have a physical disability.  Can I still attend your class?
  • Of course.  We welcome all, regardless of physical ability.

13. What is the cost of attending?
  • Single: $110
  • Single, Member: $100
  • Single, Private: $350
  • Married Couple: $195
  • Married Couple, Private: $400
  • 6+ Group: $90 each

14. How long do classes typically last?
  • 9 to 10 hours

15. What certifications will I receive as a result of completing a CPL course through Four Square?
  • Our classes exceed all Michigan minimum requirements
  • Course participants will receive a certificate upon completion for the CPL application process. Certificates of class completion are valid in all counties in Michigan for one year from date issued

16. Who can I contact for more information?
James Barnett
  • Tel: 810-387-2431
Chris Fladzinski
  • Tel: 810-304-3925
  • Email: pistol.instructors@gmail.com